There has been a steady increase in the number of prosecutions for crimes aggravated by prejudice in recent years. In the modern era it is becoming increasingly unacceptable to stigmatise others on the basis of race, religion, sexuality or disability and the public interest in prosecutions for aggravated crimes has risen accordingly.

Any aggravated offence is considered more serious than a non-aggravated offence. The courts treat these offences with a particular degree of severity.

However as the public tolerance of offences aggravated by prejudice has fallen, so too has the threshold for prosecution and it is now the case that any offence where there is a suggestion of prejudice will result in the suspect being detained and taken to a police station for questioning. Similarly if an individual is charged with such an offence it is now almost inevitable that they will remain in custody for a court appearance the following day.

If you find yourself detained or charged with an aggravated offence it is essential that you instruct an expert criminal defence lawyer. Our solicitors have vast experience in dealing with the subtleties of prosecutions of this nature and will give you the highest level of representation. Please contact our office immediately if you require advice or assistance with a crime aggravated by sectarian, homophobic or racial prejudice or by prejudice relating to disability.