The law relating to terrorism in Scotland is laid down in the Terrorism Act 200. This act lists various terrarium offences. There are many offences covered, from membership and support of terrorist organisations to offences relating to terrorist property.

The authorities in the UK have been extremely vigilant since 2001 in relation to Terrorist activities. There is a great deal of surveillance activity and intelligence led investigation conducted daily by the counter terrorism wing of Police Scotland. This is aimed at preventing planned acts of terrorism at the earliest possible stage.

The public interest in the prevention of terrorism has been at fever pitch since the September 11 attacks in New York in 2001. Accordingly anyone convicted of a terrorist offence is punished severely.

Given the level of sensitivity of the authorities towards terrorist activities it can be the case that individuals will be arrested for activities that do not amount to contraventions of terrorism legislation. The legal provisions and statutory defences available are incredibly complex. It is essential that you instruct the services of an experienced solicitor if charged with an offence under the Terrorism Act 2000.

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