Scottish criminal trials are dynamic in nature. There are many factors at play in any trial and verdicts depend on the interplay between these elements. Decisions on guilt or innocence are made by Sheriffs, Magistrates and Justices of the Peace in summary level prosecutions. In solemn prosecutions decisions are made by juries. Whilst decisions must always be respected there are inevitably some incorrect decisions made. As a result it is essential to instruct a firm with experience in appeal work in case the decision in your case is incorrect.

Similarly even a guilty plea can attract an excessive sentence and we have the experience to ensure that justice is correctly administered in all cases.

We conduct a considerable number of criminal appeals every year with many successes. We regularly draft, investigate and prepare appeals before instructing Counsel at the Court of Criminal Appeal within the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh.

Our solicitors have had many notable successes in appeals. Please follow the links below for judgements in some of our high-profile and law-changing appeals.

Gilmour v HMA
Martin Kroupa v Procurator Fiscal (Paisley)
Aiden McGeady v Procurator Fiscal (Glasgow)

Even if we were not your solicitor for your original case we are happy to conduct your appeal. If you feel you have been the subject of a miscarriage of justice please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced solicitors. We will advise you on the prospects of an appeal in your case and will prepare and conduct your appeal if required.