Any accused or detained person is now entitled to free legal advice immediately prior to and during police interview. This follows developments in the law following the case of Cadder v HMA.

It is crucial that a suspect is fully aware of their legal rights when detained. Although the police have practices in place to inform detained persons of their rights it is crucial that these rights are understood. It is highly important that you take the opportunity to speak with a solicitor when offered as you will receive crucial advice that may make the difference between arrest or release. A non-assisted person can easily find themselves at a disadvantage due to a lack of knowledge of their rights or legal processes in such a situation.

We specialise in police interview advice and assistance. We are in a position to provide full legal assistance and attendance before, during and after police interview. Such advice will ensure that your position is fully protected and you are fully aware of any potential pitfalls.

Should you require assistance contact us immediately on 0141 561 9999.