The term ‘violent crime’ covers a range of offences. These include non-sexual assault, serious assault, extortion, abduction and robbery amongst other offences. Essentially all non-sexual offences involving an element of violence or threat of violence on the part of the accused are covered.

Violent crimes are treated seriously by the courts. Most violent crimes, other than common assaults, are prosecuted on indictment in either the Sheriff Court or the High Court. In Sheriff Court prosecutions the court can impose sentences of up to 5 years imprisonment and in the High Court sentences can be far higher than 5 years imprisonment depending on the circumstances of the offence. It is therefore essential to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer to represent you should you stand accused of a violent crime.

Our solicitors have many years experience defending allegations of all manner of violent crime in Scotland. We have considerable expertise in preparing special defences such as self-defence which is often a consideration in assault cases. We have prepared and conducted countless defences in our many years of practice. We have secured many acquittals in this time and could do the same for you.

If you have been accused of a violent crime then do not hesitate to contact our office. Our solicitors will provide you with expert advice and crucial representation in court should you require it.